Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Hell For The Company" Was a Hell of a Ride!

It's official, we made it through! Principal photography on Animus Cross "Hell For The Company" wrapped several days ago and we are looking forward to getting into the editing suite.
With four new cast members (Curt Hanson, Christian James, Ira Kortum and Mercedes Rose), a group of nasty gnarly stunt performers and several new crew members, the days were quite a bit longer than the first season of Animus. However, as promised, I believe that the action is quicker, bigger and better and the characters are more developed. The moving pictures are super pretty with the help of the Canon Eos 5D MII and the new Canon 7D.
Coming on board this time around were award winning photographer, Andy Batt, sound man extraordinare, Brian Mazzola , AC Galvin Collins and special effects makeup artist, Amber Arpin. Along with the help of Christina Kortum at Ravenous Studios, Chris Calvert and Zac Goodwin we've got one hell of a show to bring you near the beginning of next year!

A big thanks to Kelly Jo Horton at The Portlander for the wonderful article on our show. Also to Harold Phillips for his help spreading the word through press releases. Thank you my friend, you are a life-savor!

As always, thanks to Cindy and David Steen for once again doing everything, all the time (aka, producing). You're both amazing people and I'm so very lucky to call you my parents.

To returning cast members Harold Phillips, Trish Egan, Jeff Hime and Kathryne Bukowski, your continued support means the world to me. :D

And to all the stunt performers who jumped on board this time around. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Each of you brought a new level of production value to the series.

Mr. Buxbaum, you are my greatest love and without you, Animus Cross would not exist.

To all you lovely viewers... please stay tuned. This is going to be fun!

-A.L. Steen

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