Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Animus Cross, “Hell for the Company” Update


“Hell for the Company” is the official title of the new series of Animus Cross. We are now in pre-production for several more episodes to finish off this year. Thanks to everyone who watched the previous series. Your continued support is much appreciated. Animus Cross Series 2 promises to ramp up the action, give you more character development and bring the audience ever closer to finding out the mysteries of Animus Cross.

As of right now, the first two scenes have been loosely storyboarded and a second draft of the script has gone over big with the readers.

I’m also looking forward to letting the local community know when we are ready to cast two new characters for the series.

Until then, thanks again for your continued interest in Animus Cross and it’s inhabitants! Stay tuned!

-A.L. Steen

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