Thursday, January 8, 2009

It’s all in the edit.

Animus Cross “Hell Runs This Way” Part 3 went live on the 5th of January and is being very well received. We have a little surprise for those viewers wanting more; during the latest edit, we realized that we could get a 4th episode out of the deal! Essentially, this buys us another month to gather funds for future episodes of Animus Cross.

So fans, please help us spread the word!

With a bit of hard work, the new website will coincide with the uploading of the 4th part of Animus. The new site will bring you great information, access to this blog and some fun freebies!

There’s some new music in the latest episode, done by our own Troy Gunter. Please take a peek at the Quickskits page for more of Troy’s fun work!

I’ve had a few comments about the structure of Animus Cross that I’d like to address. I’ve been told it looks like a television pilot (Thank you! :) ), that it doesn’t look like other web series. Again, I thank you. We wanted to be different, not only with the content of the story, but with the quality of the video. Animus Cross is a serial in the old style (think old Doctor Who's :P ) NOT an episodic like the majority of tv and web shows you see today. What does that mean exactly? Simply put, episodes are stand alone stories where as serials have a story arc that spans several episodes and\or an entire season or series.AnimusScript

Why did I go with the serial format? Well, to be completely honest, I write better that way. That’s not totally an excuse, as a growing writer I will someday try my hand at an episodic story. Not Animus, not this time. The serial format really seems to fit the old timey feel of our show and so far has rewarded us with many ‘I wanna see more!’ comments.

So that is that. Thanks again for all the kind words about the show and please stay tuned!

Hope you have great successes in 2009,

A.L. Steen


  1. I love the serial idea, it fits Animus. I like the idea of a kind of throw back to the gold era...but I think you know that.

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted on how you're creating this show - great blog!

    I've linked to it on my blog for people who work in online drama,
    and hope to put up more links to the show asap

    All the best